CocoRosie's fifth studio album, Tales of A GrassWidow, is now available.
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CocoRosie at First City Festival 2014

8.23.2014 - Monterey, CA - First City Festival [tickets]

CocoRosie concert / Paris, France

CocoRosie at YOYO - Palais de Tokyo
November 3, 20h00

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Tickets will be on sales on tuesday (Oct. 14th) at 10:00 am

Folkadelphia Session: CocoRosie Live in Studio
CocoRosie dropped by WXPN to perform 4 songs live off of the album ‘Tales of a GrassWidow’ just before their Philly show last November. You can now stream the session at the link above.

Folkadelphia Session: CocoRosie Live in Studio

CocoRosie dropped by WXPN to perform 4 songs live off of the album ‘Tales of a GrassWidow’ just before their Philly show last November. You can now stream the session at the link above.

Girls Against God magazine hosts Wolf Moon Gathering, an afternoon of performance - Sunday, January 26, 2014 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Girls Against God Magazine, published by Capricious, co-edited by Bianca Casady and Anne Sherwood Pundyk gathers the forces for a celebration of the wild female soul. Hosted by Fairy Goddess Mother Vaginal Davis, we journey inward through a myriad of rituals and prayers. With guided mediation lead by Bryn McKay and a plant-channeling performance by Melanie Bonajo, we listen to the voice of nature in connection with the sacred feminine. Casting The Circle and Drawing Down the Moon, a dance ritual evoking the Goddess is performed by Johanna Constantine and J.Z.araA. We sing together in a group chant ignited by singers Diane Cluck and Yasmine Hamdan, calling to Skeleton Woman, to dance The Dance of Life/Death/Life, embodied by Rebecca Wright with musical accompaniment by water-soul-conjurer Doug Wieselman and cellist Danny Bensi.

The first hour of the program is an informal ritual of initiation. Through healings of sound, hand washing, and many forms of feathered-smoke blessings we invite you into the subterranean forest. We suggest that everyone bring an object of personal significance to offer to the altar for the casting of spells. Tuning out the outer-world, leaving at the door our fragmented selves and distraught sense of focus, we ask you to be present in the moment: turn off your phones, document the experience with your mind and heart, listen and be here.

CocoRosie: Tales of A GrassWidow 2013 Tour video

New video for “Gravediggress”
**Please set your player to HD when viewing the video**

Directed by Bianca Casady

Shot in Southern France, spanning several different seasons, The Gravediggress emerges from the imagination of the clown. Played and danced by Biño Sauitzvy, The Clown oscillates between young and old, innocent and deranged. Our mother plays the masked Gravediggress who’s stuffed hands struggle at menial tasks such as picking wheat and taking laundry from the line. The narrative is a loose journey thru the psyche of a lonely outcast who finds ecstasy and company in nature. The filming was spontaneous though it took much more time than a typical music video and without the pressure of a studio and crew we were able to wander and shoot in this way. We let the work steep and revisited the project months later for another stage of development.

My working relationship with Biño, a Brazilian choreographer based in Paris, who has also trained in circus and clowning, started in 2011 when we developed Nightshift, my first theatrical work. We also started then to discover in dance, the brokenness of the outcast. He played a homeless-drunk, clown called Hummingbird Man. I have worked on many videos over the last 14 years and have shot many of them in this same location but this is my most narrative attempt to date. I prefer to shoot intimately, just me and the other and the force of the elements. Some times our hands got frozen cold, or we got attacked by swarms of mosquitos, spiders crawled out of every hole and we truly marveled over the moon and pink sky.


New from CocoRosie: ‘Child Bride’ official video by Emma Freeman

CocoRosie’s “Tales of a GrassWidow” in Limited Edition Color Vinyl


Tales of a GrassWidow is now available in three formats: CD, digital download, and limited edition color vinyl at the CocoRosie webstore.  Also offering bundles with extra CocoRosie gear including posters, stickers and tote bags.

G.A.G. — New Feminist Arts Magazine spearheaded by Bianca Casady of CocoRosie & artist Anne Sherwood Pundyk


Cross-disciplinary artist Bianca Casady of music duo CocoRosie is set to launch a new print magazine entitled Girls Against God (GAG). A boldly feminist exploration and multi-generational endeavor, GAG deploys the arts to illuminate the oppressive, obsolete nature of traditional, male-defined religions and other patriarchal institutions — “We must resist and reinvent,” Casady declares.

Created in partnership with artist Anne Sherwood Pundyk, GAG’s debut issue is a lushly colorful tabloid-sized print publication, showcasing provocative, original artwork alongside comprehensive interviews and essays with an international cadre of artists.

GAG’s editors honor feminist heritage, seen in a photo essay of the Seneca Women’s Peace Encampment — while seeking to broadcast current perspectives, such as Pussy Riot and Femen.

GAG Issue 1 contributors include: Antony, Gabby Bess, Melanie Bonajo, Vaginal Davis, Yasmine Hadan, Emely Neu, Kembra Pfahler, Marguerite Stern, Alexyss K. Tylor; and contributions from Johanna Constantine, Mary Hanlon, Julie Higonnet, Molly O’Brien, Chloe Olewitz, Alice O’Malley, Kara L. Rooney, and Jean Marc Ruellan.

Published by Capricious. First issue is available now in the Capricious Shop and will be in bookshops worldwide and on tour with CocoRose.

Check out GAG on Facebook.